In order to extend peace culture, the following script is being sent for a one-minute selfie movie to peace lovers. Please kindly assist us in the matter by sending your films. We will be delighted if you share them since September 1, 2017 on the occasion of World Peace Day.
Let's teach peace to our children. They need it for a better tomorrow and we will say it all together:
Peace for our children
# Peace_for_our_children
"Art for peace festival" 5th opening
"Art for peace festival" 5th at a glance
"Art for peace festival" 5th in the Media
اجراي گروه بنفش ، ٢٦شهريورماه ،ساعت ١٩،فضاي باز خانه هنرمندان ايران
Movies: 5th "Art for peace festival"
Banafsh Concert

A Pledge for Peace & Love

March 15th 2018
Azadi Cultural Center, Azadi Square, Tehran Iran

For reservation visit 
or Call +982188836662
5th “Art for Peace Festival”