Iran “Art for Peace Festival” (IRAN A.F.P.F) aims to   apply the art strength to detect and empower the  cultural potentials for a culture of tolerance and peace and to uphold the people’s inherent cultural barriers which practically hinder in the way of achieving peace and peaceful coexistence in the world. This festival tends to gradually resolve these problems over time by the influence of art. Therefore, the overall theme of the Festival is portraying Peace.
To mark the International Peace day, “Art for Peace Festival” is held in Iran simultaneously. The event includes fields of painting, photography, sculpture and installation, video art, music and performance. A great number of artists, scholars, people of culture and peace advocates in Iran attend and insignias are handed over to peace activists and they are entitled as Ambassadors of Art for Peace to appreciate their efforts.
The festival venues:
-        The Iranian Artists Forum, Mohsen  Gallery and  Vista Gallery - 2013

-         The Iranian Artists Forum - 2014

-         Niavaran Cultural Center - 2015

-         The Iranian Artists Forum - 2016
Organizations such as the National Commission for UNESCO, Mohsen Art Gallery, Ava Art Gallery, Atbin Art Gallery, Mahak Foundation and The Children’s Rights Support Association have also been working with the Festival over these years.
“Art for Peace Festival” Goals
1. Looking at the issue of “Peace” as the main theme of the works beyond boundaries of national,  religious and personal values

2. Using art as a means to promote the culture of peace

3. Promoting artistic activities in the field of peace

4. Making a distinction between “Art for Peace” and “Art of War”

5.Overcoming the obstacles and the difficulties hindering the achievement of peace and peaceful coexistence in the world

6. Creating a platform for local artists to interact with artists from other countries

7. Preparing the ground for artists and peace activists interactions and dialogues

8. Raising hope for a future without war and its repetition in the spirit of global community

9. Creating happiness, vitality and beautiful images which are the principles of “Art for Peace”

10. Exhibiting works by artists outside Iran border

11. Establishing an Art Expo of peace in order to sell artworks on the theme of peace 12. Fostering a culture of peace and publishing works of peace

13. Promoting and spreading the culture of dialogue and mutual understanding

14. Promoting a culture of tolerance, respect and peace via the ambassadors of peace
ART FOR Peace GROUP of Iran
In order to enhance the culture of peaceful coexistence, using the almighty power of art, “Art for Peace” Group composed of a number of artists, people of art and culture and peace activists was established by Fereydoun Farboud (Iranian graphic designer and photographer) in August 2013. Iranian artists have formed the core of the group and this group created the Art for Peace Festival; however it has managed to draw the support of more than 2000 artists and has collaborated with other organizations   including Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Iranian Artists Forum, Niavaran Cultural Foundation, Mojdeh Art Gallery, Vista Art Gallery, Shirin Art Gallery. Over the last four years and after setting up four festivals the number of connections and art for peace supporters has exceeded 5000 people in cyberspace to this date.
The festival’s main slogan The main slogan of the festival are the global slogan “Imagine Peace” and also “We All Want World Peace”.
A Review of the Past Fourth “Art for Peace Festival” in Iran
Insignia of “Art for Peace”
Every year Art for Peace Festival Group awards artists, cultural directors and influential figures active in developing peace and humanitarian actions an honour insignias called “Art for Peace” Insignia.

The insignias at the second festival were awarded to the following people:

•  Shahram Nazeri - Music Field
•  Hamid Ajami - Calligraphy Field
•  Mohammad Javad Zarif - the Foreign Minister for Geneva Agreement
•  Mohammad Ali Zam - for a decade of cultural management
•  Majid Molanoroozi - Director of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art for his support of “Art for Peace festival”
The insignias at the third festival were awarded to the following people:

•  Homayoun Mashayekhi - in the field of Music
•  Professor Jalal Satari - in the field of Literature
•  Hassan Rohani - the president of Iran for offering “the world free from violence and extremism program”
•  Ms Ghods - Director of Mahak Foundation
The insignias at the fourth festival were awarded to the following people:

•  Iran Daroudi - in the field of Painting
•  Nasrolah Afjei - in the field of Calligraphy
•  Mohammad Farnoud - in the field of Photography
•  Fatemeh Motamed Ariya - Cinema Artist
•  Mojdeh Tabatabaei - Mojdeh Art Gallery Manager for her support of Art for Peace Festival.
*Ms. Motamed Arya did not attend the event but sent a video message instead. *Distributing Art for peace Insignia coincides with the start of festival
Fifth art for peace festival will be held in September 2017 in the Iranian Artists’ Forum. With the hope of peace in the world and Hope to see you in Art for peace Festival in Iran.

The insignias at the first festival were awarded to the following people:
•  Houshang Kamkar - Music Field •  Behnam Kamrani  - Visual Art Field
•  Hooshang Ghazi Murad - Celebrating of a Lifetime Career in art
•  Dr. Dowlat Abadi, Director of Children’s Rights Protection Society
•  Mrs. Parisa Pahlavan - Director of Vista Art Gallery for her support of “Art for Peace”.
Manager of Festival: Fereidoun Farboud
Coordination Manager: Roudabeh T.B Nejad

Tel: +98-21-88426706

The Secretariat the official organizer of the
“Art for Peace Festival” in Iran.
“Art for Peace ” Iranian Artists' EXHIBITION
United Nation Office at  GENEVA
هنر براي صلح و آژانس ١٠٠٢٠ با امضاي تفاهم نامه اي ، تخفيفاتي را براي بليط هاي مسافرتي هنرمندان در نظر گرفته اند، هنرمنداني كه نياز به بليط هواپيما داشته باشند مي توانند از اين شرايط بهره مند گردند.
6th “Art for Peace Festival”